Restaurant Registration, Menu list and order processing

Restaurant Registration

Restaurants can register to our website through New Register option. They will have to fill our restaurant registration form for creation of login details.

Registration is absolutely free and any restaurant who has delivery option in their area can become registered member or . However there is a nominal fee for our services. Please check our Price section for details which is provided after login. The restaurant will be searched and viewed by website visitors only after the fee payment is done.

Creation of Menu List- ADD, EDIT DELETE item details

On login member will be directed to the member's area, where they can ADD menu-items , EDIT or DELETE item information . They will also have access to update their restaurant details which they had filled in registration form like, address, contact numbers, facilities provided etc.

Restaurants can add as many items they have meaning UNLIMITED ITEMS can be added, edited or deleted.


Order receiving Process

Restaurants will receive customer orders via email notification to the email address they provide in registration form. A copy of that order will also sent to the customer on their email address.

The order will consist of order-id, order date, item name, quantity, item price, tax (if any) , total order value and the customer information of delivery address, contact numbers etc. as relevant.

We are not providing any payment collection facility against orders. Registered restaurants have to make their arrangements for payment collection from customers.

We are hereby providing a channel between Customers and the Restaurants.

Restaurants are requested to please read our Terms and conditions as well as Privacy Policy prior to registration.